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Legally binding agreements are crucial in business endeavors. If one party fails to perform their obligations under a contract, that party is in breach of contract. If you are involved in a contract dispute, call The Brennan Law Firm, LLC. As a Sugar Land breach of contract attorney, Mr. Brennan has an excellent understanding of contract law and is prepared to assist with any situation in which you may find yourself.

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Types of Breach of Contract

There are four common types of breach of contract: anticipatory, fundamental, minor, and material. When the other party fails to adhere to the obligations outlined in a contract, your business could suffer significant financial losses As a Sugar Land breach of contract lawyer, Mr. Brennan represents clients to help them recover appropriate damages. The remedy for breach of contract depends on the nature and type of breach.

The four types of breach of contract recognized by courts include:

  • Anticipatory: Includes situations where one party indicates that they won’t hold up their obligations, such as indicating that they do not intend to pay. The other party may be entitled to stop work and sue for damages.
  • Fundamental: Occurs when a party fails to meet the other party’s obligations upon a legal contract. The party that has had their contract breached will have the right to sue for damages incurred by the breaching party.
  • Minor: Occurs when one party does not totally fulfill their end of the agreement. The breaching party may be held responsible for damages caused by the breach.
  • Material: Involves failure to adhere to the fundamentals of the contract. This type of breach excuses the non-breaching party from further performance, and the aggrieved party may sue for breach of contract and recover damages.

Remedies for Breach of Contract

If the other party in your business contract has failed to meet their obligations, there are three types of remedies:

  1. Damages
  2. Specific Performance
  3. Cancellation and Restitution

Paying for damages is the most common remedy for breach of contract. This refers to the monetary payments that the breaching party must make for violating the contract. It is meant to cover the loss because of the breach of contract, and the amount of payment depends on the extent of the damages done. There are many kinds of damages, including compensatory damages, punitive damages, nominal damages, and liquidated damages There are many kinds of damages including compensatory damages, punitive damages, nominal damages, and liquidated damages.

Specific performance refers to the breaching party’s performance of their duty under the contract.

Finally, cancellation and restitution are for when the non-breaching party decides to cancel the contract and sue for restitution instead. When this strategy is used, the restitution will put the non-breaching party “back in the position” as it was before the breach occurred. The defendant is supposed to return any money or property they received from the plaintiff while under the contract. Then, the cancellation voids the contract and relieves both parties of any obligation.

Understanding Your Legal Rights

When another party is refusing to perform or threatening to stop performing according to the obligations in the contract, you may want to consult with a lawyer. As a business litigation attorney in Sugar Land, Mr. Brennan can advise you of your options and advocate on your behalf, whether the issue is settled through negotiation, arbitration, or litigation. Mr. Brennan serves clients throughout Fort Bend County, the Houston metropolitan area, and the surrounding region.

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